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Upon clicking the “Submit” button located at the bottom of the registration form, PSDS will initiate the verification process to confirm your eligibility as an employer-referred client. Within one business day, you can expect to receive a message from PSDS at the email address you provided. This message will contain any additional information or instructions that are relevant to clients referred by your company or agency. Please note that PSDS will not share any personal information you provide or any assessment thereof with your employer or any other third party, except in the limited circumstances outlined in paragraph 3 “Confidentiality” of the Consulting Agreement (refer to the link provided for the full agreement).

If you decide to cancel your registration or request for service at any point, PSDS will promptly and securely delete the information you have provided. However, if you choose to proceed, PSDS will retain your information in accordance with the guidelines outlined in paragraph 4 “Records Retention and Disposal” of the Consulting Agreement (refer to the link provided for the full agreement).

Employer Referred Form

Employer Referred Registration

Clients have the option of selecting a Clearance Assessment or the Clearance Q&A Service.
Clearance Assessment ($200)
Clients explain their situation and ask preliminary questions in the “How Can We Assist You?” text box below. A consultant reviews the submission, contacts the client, and schedules a 50 minute telephone consultation. The consultant explains the clearance process, evaluates the relative significance of any security or suitability issues present in the client’s case, answers their questions, and gives the client advice on how to proceed. Many clients will not need any additional consulting service; however, those with moderate to major security or suitability problems may require supplemental services tailored to their individual needs. If supplement consulting service is recommended, an estimate of the time required will be provided.
Clearance Q&A Service ($100)
This service accepts written questions about the three main federal personnel security programs. Questions are limited to policies, procedures, and standards related to initial clearances, reinvestigations, reinstatements, reciprocal clearance acceptance, unfavorable incident reports, revocations, denials, appeals, and reapplications. Answers are provided in writing via email. The Clearance Q&A Service cannot accept questions regarding a person’s chances of receiving a clearance or ways to mitigate potentially disqualifying information.
Enter your question for the Clearance Q&A Service or a description of your clearance situation, potential problems, time constraints, and questions for a Clearance Assessment. Your submission is limited to about 3000 characters / 500 words.
Consulting Agreement
Self-Referred Clients must read and agree to the PSDS Consulting Agreement prior to submitting the registration form.
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